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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Analysis EURJPY 13 June 2013

My buy stop yesterday had been trigger and got stop out..I realized yesterday high is 50% retracement of Tuesday move. Although i can move to break even point, but i don't. Doesn't matter at all. Yesterday just a history and a lesson. Not hurt at all.

This morning i'd do some PO Buy. Here's the chart. 

But now i'd changed Lot size and Stop Loss (SL) due the price make new low.  Now more risk and reward due multiple position. But I had decrease the volume size. Please try this at home..jk

I'm sticking to my plan as yesterday analysis. The reason i make PO buy around there that I need to see price closing above the support (Double Bottom). I'm still see the chart just make a bubble/Distribution (testing supply) in current Intermediate Trend as Wyckoff noted that tops and bottoms were different. Market tops were often long draw out affairs, while market bottoms were relatively short violent beasts.

Let see how this gonna to work. Time will tell..

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