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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

EURJPY 12 June 2013

My analysis EURJPY pair: I'm spotting G? might be turning point to major uptrend. But, there is a barrier around 131.xx need to break. If the barrier break, the target point around 133.xx. Im already make Pending Order (PO) Buy @ xxxx with SL xxxx ( with R:R 1:1 if barrier not break and R:R 1:2 if barrier break) with Risk 5% of equity.

Remark : In order to validate these turning point,G point must not break F point. These entry is breakout type middle turning point. Not the "real" bottom.

For information, this type entry is NOT the entry breakout like Turtles do. You can look what i mean "middle" @

There is a way to take real bottom/top using combination of TF (timeframes), PA (price action), chart pattern and  spotting swing hi/lo when it started. But not at all time can use this type entry. Its depend on what market provide. All of these are the type of entry to take the top and the bottom.

And I'm not always show my analysis to public due some reason. There are some reason why I'm doing it today. Figure "what, why, how, when, where". Hope it will be valuable to someone. I think it is more easier to figure it out. I'd trough more pain to figure out what my idol "see when he looked at the chart", what trading system and etc he using by ONLY his speech nothing more.

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